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Bird of prey photography workshop

Updated: Apr 11, 2018

Update – just one space available on the Sunday 21st August 2016 workshop.

The afternoon session is divided into three sections: first we work on getting you static shots of the birds in their natural environments, such as buzzard perched on oak trees in woodland or kestrels perched on farm equipment. We’ll then move on to capturing these beautiful birds in flight, a difficult but rewarding challenge! We’ll progress from relatively slow birds, such as the harris hawk, all the way up to extremely fast species such as the lanner falcon. Finally we will photograph a barn owl on farm posts and within rustic farm buildings – a perfect end to the session.

Subjects differ on each workshop but include common kestrel, American kestrel, common buzzard, barn owl, ural owl, white-faced owl, harris hawk, steppe eagle, lanner falcon, barbary falcon, saker falcon, peregrine falcon.

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