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Buzzard hide

The common buzzard photography workshop offers you the opportunity to watch and photograph these incredibly elusive and beautiful birds of prey in their natural habitat. The purpose build hide is situated on a grassland meadow on a stunning private Estate. It has been set up with the aim of allowing you to photograph this charismatic, beautiful and secretive bird. After centuries of persecution this species is very wary and cautious, but by following a set of strict rules they will not even be aware of your presence and you will witness natural behaviours such as foraging, preening and even courtship. Several perches will be set up for the buzzards, allowing you to get a variety of different images.


With this species patience is required! These are fully wild birds and therefore they may turn up several times or just once in the whole session. Bring a book and just enjoy watching life pass by, there are opportunities to photograph other species from the hide including barn owl, kestrel, mistle thrush and red kite.

Fee: £125 per session in purpose built hide. I will meet you, provide you with an induction, help set you up and then leave you to photograph for the session. You must agree to a strict set of rules so as not to disturb the buzzards.

Dates: Hides are currently closed. Please register on my homepage for updates.

Duration: Full day. c.8am – dark

What to bring: SLR/ camera, 300mm+ lens, tripod, warm outdoor clothing, food and drink, a book. Please note, there are no toilet facilities at this hide. Bring a container or she-wee, you cannot leave the hide during the session.

Location: Private Estate, meeting point close to Holt, North Norfolk.

Before you pay please read the Terms and Conditions

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